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Saturday, 29 June 2013

Here comes the RAIN

Whenever I'm walking in the rain.. I always remember my childhood days.. When there's rain we can easily call our friends, jump and run outside. Which is a cool thing about being a kid. Minsan pa mag-uunahan sa gutter ng bubong, then tuksuhan na may p***f ng pusa yan.! Then me and my friends will run away.. haha!

There are also scenarios wherein, my nanay will not let us (me and my siblings) go outside when it rains. So, we'll get a paper and create a paper boat, then we'll have a race. Ansaya lang to remember those things..
Now when it rains, I always react like, and there comes the rain. Hindi naman muna ko hinayaang makarating sa ofis before umulan..Or, kelan kaya matutuyo ang sinampay ko? It then became a little problem to me sometimes.. hehe

But most of the times, since I started college 'til now. I love it when its raining. I feel like it was a blessing for me. Especially when I feel like I'm alone, its like God send it so I will feel the coldness and look for something that will make me feel warm.. My blanket, a cup of coffee or noodles. Then, I will realize, I then forgot I felt alone earlier, coz that made myself busy somehow.

But if I have work, and I still have time.. I normally stare at the rain for like 5-10mins. Kahit saan lang abutan basta magkaron ng chance, I dunno, I'm so used to do it alone..Parang ang sarap lang ng feeling..
Earlier, at guadalupe station, right after i drop off the train.. I stop for awhile.. anlakas ng ulan, I was thinking.. Galit kaya si God? Was there a lot of sinners today? and then suddenly, naisip ko.. Baka hindi, coz when it rains, there was a lot of kids happy doing their paper boat para paanurin sa agos ng tubig ulan.

Just like tears, sometimes we cry because of too much pain. But, sometimes we also cry because of too much happiness. I, personally, mababaw masyado ang luha ko.. and most of my friends knows that.. Little pain makes me cry easily, my tears normally fell down secretly.. Coz i don't want anyone to notice that I was that weak.. Little happiness makes my tears fall as well. ewan ko ba. I'm just like that.. Kaya din madali lang akong mapaiyak ng kahit na sino sa simpleng tanong na, Em, may gusto kang i-share? hehe

Most of the time I love the rain, for it also helps me to keep the pain inside me when I'm in too much pain.. I can walk in the rain without umbrella and no one would ever notice if I cried..

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